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Welcome to Willis Flowers, ( S.G.Willis & Sons Ltd. ) a 4th Generation family business with more than 50 years experience in providing first class floristry and flowers to Stony Stratford, an original market town steeped in history, Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas.
Having started selling mainly fruit and vegetables with flowers as a side line as the generations have worked their way up through the company the flowers have increased their place in our business to where we are concentrating 100% on flowers but as times are ever changing, so we are changing too.

We now stock the finest Belgium chocolates and teddies..

Please remember we are a true family firm, who are passionate about fresh flowers, I select the flowers personally, my Father conditions them, my wife and her great team produce the superb displays and my Mum, well what a Mum, makes the tea, clears up, runs the office and stops us all falling out.

Please note, You can choose to use Paypal or Stripe as a payment method, and we accept all major credit/debit cards.

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